Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Climate Change Failure

Australia's delayed action on climate change is an 'absolute failure of leadership'. Those were the words Kevin Rudd uttered only months before declaring this week that the Australian Emissions Trading Scheme (the CPRS - Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme) would be delayed until 2013 at the earliest.

No wonder the people of Australia are frustrated. The Prime Minister was adamant that the CPRS was the "most important structural reforms to our economy in a generation" and branded climate change as "the great moral and economic challenge of our time".

Lenore Taylor sums up the political back-tracking and side-stepping in The Sydney Morning Herald article "Rudd's ETS flip-flop sparks climate chaos" as does Paul Kelly in The Australian, "Rudd's dangerous climate retreat".

However, the failure to adopt and Australian ETS does not stop Climakind but rather strengthens the initiative. While Australians have been denied the opportunity to act directly to conclusively reduce carbon emissions in Australia they can still have an impact on the reduction of global carbon emissions.

If you are frustrated by the inaction on climate change and want to reduce global carbon emissions then do something about it by following simple tips to reduce your carbon footprint and by joining Climakind to cancel carbon emission credits!