Monday, November 9, 2009

ETS - No more delays!

The world needs climate action now. While we quibble over the details of how to implement an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) the window of opportunity to help stop damaging climate change narrows. Capping emissions with an ETS is a step in the right direction. An ETS provides an environmentally effective and efficient means of reducing carbon emissions. It allows the market to determine where and at what price emissions will be reduced. At the same time it provides incentive for research and investment in low-carbon solutions - the only way to a sustainable future.

All of this is well documented on sites such as What Climakind adds to the mix is the ability for individuals and organisations to participate in the purchase and cancellation of carbon credits. This effectively removes them from the carbon market and stops them from ever being used to create carbon dioxide. The reduced supply of carbon credits pushes up the carbon credit price making alternative low-carbon solutions more attractive. Low-carbon solutions are the only way to a sustainable future.

See for more information.

Here is an exert from the Climakind presentation on the ETS.

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