Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What makes a tonne of carbon emissions?

To help you understand how your everyday activities add to the changing climate we have created a table showing what makes a tonne of carbon emissions.

Each of these activities results in 1 tonne of carbon emissions on average.

  • Travelling in a plane for 5000 kms / 3100 miles (about 3.5 return trips Sydney/Melbourne; 3 return trips New York/Chicago; 11 trips London/Paris)*
  • Driving a car with petrol/[US gas] about 4100 kms / 2500 miles
  • Using a clothes dryer for 15 hours
  • Turning on 10 light globes (100 Watts) for 68 days
  • Using a window air conditioner for 75 days
  • Staying 34 nights in a hotel

* for more detail on the carbon emissions from flying visit Travel Math

If you have any examples of an activity that results in approximately 1 tonne of carbon emissions please add it in a comment!

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